I look at you, in afternoon light

your body asleep and softly woven

into a wave of breaths 

on which I surf

- gliding with you and the smell of ocean

through the stingy corals of secret dreams

I look at you, 

and the body that I've come to know so well

and I see my own figure

casting soft shades 

on a face once untouched by love, 

I remember you, in afternoon light

so mournfully silent

with eyes that bled

as you watched me tremble 

in a freedom lullaby

when I asked you: was this ever real?

haunted by the cry of deep-rooted love

so raw and tender

so heartbreaking real

like the broken fabric of my worn out skin

a haunting nightmare of losing sight

in the dark waters of collective memory 

your limbs gliding away 

in a slow-mo repitition 

take me there, where we used to be

take me there, where we carved out happiness

in the sweet curvy lines

of each others voices

was this ever wrong? I tried

and you smiled at me, in the afternoon light

muttering a forgiving


I don't know

buildings imploding

as we moaned through a dance of love and war

the sexual battle

that will eat us

and feed us

like the snake that bites its tail

And I cried for you, in afternoon light

For your sleeping posture, and my face next to yours

as we shared the bits left

from a yesterdays dream so divine

and there you swallowed my tears 

as if they were forever holy

and I snuck away to burry my shame

in sad greedy palms

Exhausted I whispered before I fell:

Trust, I never lied in my quest for truth

but we taught each other blindness

with bleeding fists

I woke up broken

on an empty beach

an unwanted traveller of the deepest ocean

and I saw you, there, in afternoon light

flushed so clean 

with your feet tangled

and I howled at you all my sweetest surrender

swollen with joy

that we somehow survived

I see you now, so deep and vibrant

and I will paint your portrait, in the afternoon light

but with colours of clarity

so nude, so honest

like the rare treasured moments

where we see our own reflection

and bravely decide

to believe