In Greenland, deep under the thick ice, there are creatures that the inuit people have feared and told stories about through thousands of years. Like the powers of nature, they do not differenciate between good or evil. They do not know justice, but act on instinct. But what happens if these powers are unleashed like a wounded beast, into a modern metropol of 2045?

Inuit Pulp is a graphic novel, set in a oil-fever-ridden Greenland in the near future. It is a poetically told story about human identity in a detached world. The story is a shamanistic inspired tale that takes modern genre-elements from crime investigation and film noir, into the unpredictable world of Inuit mythology. Welcome to Nuketown!

Authored by:                       Lars Munck & Trine Dam Ottosen

Language:                           Danish / English

Expected releasedate:         2014 - TBA