I recently moved out of the city, back to the countryside. Out to a place where my mind can wander, my hands can work and my feet can find proper grounding. At the bottom of my heart, this is what I am: a country girl, gazing at the stars, trying to make sense of it all.

In my work, I am driven by a subconscious and intuitive approach and I consider myself more poet than storyteller.

I am more interested in exploring a relation, an atmosphere, or a thematic frame, rather than following a traditional linear storyline. I want to question the norms and values that shape us, and challenge the narrative patterns that we are used to.

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009.

My graduation film The Canary was a raw and subconscious experimental piece, that toured festivals worldwide.

My latest film is the poetic and personal documentary The Escape to Hollywood, that followed my boyfriend on an existential journey in his childhood dreamscape. The 54-minute film premiered on ARTE France in 2011 and was later broadcast on ZDF and DR.

This fall and winter, I will be working on a graphic novel collaboration alongside my newly launched filmproject Mothlands. You can follow my project-blog for updates on projects, festivals, screenings etc. Please feel welcome to contact me if you have questions, ideas for collaborations or just thoughts you want to share.

Yours truly,


October 2013